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Sipadan Diving


Sipadan is rated in the top 5 Dive Sites in the world !

Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia, rising 600m (2,000 feet) from seabed. It was formed over thousands years by living corals growing on top of an extinct volcano.

This tropical island off the south east coast of Sabah is well known for its stunning underwater scenery and large numbers of marine species.

Enjoy amazing diving scenes such as:

Scuba diving Sipadan is year round with the best time being between April and December.

Recommended Length of stay: 5 to 14 days (including nearby islands).

Dive site Max depth Dive Type
Barracuda Point 40m 131ft Wall, Reef
Coral gardens 23m 75ft Wall, Reef
Hanging Gardens 40m 131ft Wall, Reef, Sharks
Lobster lairs 40m 131ft Wall, Reef, Big Fishes
North Point 40m 131ft Drift, Wall, Reef, Sharks
South Point 40m 131ft Wall, Reef
Staghorn Crest 40m 131ft Wall, Reef, Sharks
The Jetty 40m 131ft Wall, Reef
Turtle Cavern 23m 75ft Cave, Reef
Turtle Patch 12m 39ft Wall, Reef, Sharks
Turtle Tomb 23m 75ft Cave
West Ridge 40m 131ft Wall, Reef, Sharks
Whitetip Avenue 40m 131ft Wall, Reef, Sharks
Midreef 40m 131ft Wall, Reef
The Drop Off 40m 131ft Wall, Reef

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