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Fish Identification Course


Taking the PADI project AWARE Specialist course gives you a better idea of how the aquatic ecosystem is in danger and what can be done to help.

It’s also an excellent course to help spread the word to other scuba divers, ocean enthusiasts or even the general public who might not be aware of the dangers facing our oceans.

WHO is up for adventure?

This course is for all scuba divers, no matter their age or qualification.

As scuba divers, we all have an appreciation for our underwater world as its fascinating depths are the sole reason that our sport exists.

As scuba divers, we are privileged to be able to enjoy what the underwater world has to offer, and as such, we have a responsibility to protect this magical world for future generations.

WHAT will I learn?

You’ll learn how to make a difference – what actions to take to help conservation efforts and what exactly is needed to continue to sustain all marine lifeforms.

You’ll learn what issues are common to the oceans and coastal zones, how fisheries work and the challenges of sustainability as well as how corals and their inhabitants are being affected by humans and their industries.

WHERE will it take me?

After completing this course, you will become part of the Project AWARE foundation, an environmental organisation that strives to conserve the aquatic environment without making a profit.

The goals of the organisation are to educate, advocate and take action, and as a newly qualified Project AWARE Specialist you’ll be an integral part of that mission.

WHY should I be excited?

The protection and conservation of our planet, especially our oceans, is a worthwhile cause and the more people that are made aware of the dangers, the more likely people will help.

HOW do I do it?

Completing the course is simple, and it will take your understanding of our oceans to another level. As a scuba diver, you’ll be stepping up to do your part in protecting the earth’s oceans, and the underwater world will reward you for doing so each and every time you dive.

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