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Diving Health & Safety

Please read our 'Customer Guide to a Safe Diving Holiday'

Emergency Contact Numbers:

DAN Emergency Hotline: 0061882129242
DAN Malaysia Emergency: 059304114
DAN Singapore Naval Base/ Hyperbaric Chamber: 0067581773
TravelAssist (outside US): 2152452461

DCI/DCS Concerns:

Semporna navy base - Decompression Chamber: 089785101
Labuan Chamber: 0124010598
KK Chamber: 088251326
Semporna Hospital: 089781695
Clinic Syed: 089781811
Dive Physician (Labuan): 0124010598
Sabah Air Evacuation:

Missing / lost at sea emergency:

Marine Police Semporna: 089782020 Ext 2914
Marine Police Sandakan: 089226395
Semporna Police: 089781222

Customer guide to a safe diving holiday:

Please arrange for your personal diving and health insurance prior to your arrival.

Listen carefully to all dive briefings to ensure that you have a safe dive holiday.

Providing that you dive within the limits it is extremely unlikely that you will need any treatment for decompression injuries.

You are responsible for your own health so do not dive under the effects of alcohol, tiredness, drugs, illness, dehydration and some prescription medicines.

If you have any doubts or questions about your fitness to dive then discuss these with the staff at the dive center.

Every diving professional will have first aid training and all boats and equipment will be regularly inspected and serviced.

PADI is the largest diver training organisation in the world and all of its professional members work within rigidly defined safety standards.

Hospitals in the cities are of international standards.

There is an Hyperbaric chamber at the Naval base between Semporna and Tawau.

Contact DAN (Divers Alert Network): +61-8-8212 9242.

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